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It is very easy to get an appointment, and if it’s an emergency they will squeeze you in that day or the next if it’s close to closing time. The office staff is amazing, and they do everything in their power to get you the help you need from either Dr. Fraley herself, or her wonderful PA Dana Cortez. When you call in with a question you can bet that you will (99% of the time) get a call back that same day. In the past 2 years that I’ve been working with Dr. Fraley and her staff, I personally have never had to wait more than 10 minutes to be called into the exam rooms. More often than not, I will sit down with the paperwork (you fill it out every visit in case anything has changed) and before I can finish writing my name, they are calling me back. The nurses are very kind and helpful, and it’s always a pleasure to see them as well. When you go back to the exam room the doctor or Dana is usually in right as the nurse is walking out. The appointments don’t last very long, unless you have changes, questions or concerns. In that case, they (Dr. Fraley or Dana) will sit and explain absolutely everything in laymen’s terms until you feel you’ve understood everything and are comfortable. Dr. Fraley truly cares about the person as a person, not just a patient. I feel very blessed to have been referred to Dr. Fraley. I have always had doctors treat me like I did not matter, and that I was not actually a person who needed help with my pain. When I was referred to doctor Fraley, I was treated the exact opposite. For once, I was treated with compassion, dignity and respect by every single person in the office, from the receptionist to the nurses, to her PA Dana Cortez and to doctor Fraley herself. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Frayley and Dana Cortez to anyone who needs a great doctor in the pain management and sports medicine field.”


She takes time to explain what she is going to do. I’ve been going to her for a couple [years] now. I like her and wouldn’t change.”


“I can’t begin to tell you what a great doctor this is. She understands patients in pain and shows compassion.”

Denise Rodolf

Dr. Fraley is AMAZING and her staff follows suit. The very best!


“This was the best experience I have had with a doctor. She is so easy to talk to and is very [thorough.] She does not act like she is in a hurry. She asks lots of questions and listens to you. I would absolutely recommend her. Love her! Staff were all excellent and friendly.”

Victoria Kitchens

I have worked for Dr. Fraley for 10 years, She is one of the most kind and compassionate people I have ever met. She has never talked badly about her staff or patients. WE ALL LOVE WORKING FOR HER. Dr. Fraley is constantly going above and beyond for every single person in her office along with her patients.

Leah Baker

Dr. Fraley is the best pain management doctor in the [Oklahoma] area. She listens to all your concerns and works to help you in any way possible. She doesn’t brush you off or [ignore]] your needs. Her staff is wonderful and so friendly. Her PAs are also amazing and do a great job working to help you with all your needs and concerns in clinic. They all work wonderfully with Dr. Fraley. It’s a great medical and professional staff team and you won’t regret your move into her practice/care. Can’t say enough about them!

Cathryn Self

Dr. Fraley is amazing! Her staff is amazing as well. They always listen and make a patient feel welcome and heard. To them you are more than just a patient. They work extremely hard to provide excellent care.

Chandra Ford

After many pain managers due to 40+ surgeries, I think I may have found a keeper! Dr. Fraley listens and cares, and I see her each time. Great staff and service.

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